AMO is the leading global partnership of corporate and financial communications consultancies

  • About 800 communications professionals
  • 42 offices around the world
  • More than 15 years at the top of global M&A advisory tables
  • Advised on 223 M&A transactions globally in 2015
AMO update 23 February 2016
  • AMO Advised Its Clients on a Greater Number of M&A Transactions Than Any Other Agency or Network in 2015
  • AMO Advised on 223 M&A Transactions Worth More Than $300 Billion in 2015


AMO, the leading global partnership of...

AMO update 3 September 2015

No company in the modern era has managed to consistently leverage the unknown better than Apple. The functional execution is stunningly simple. Apple essentially sets a date for a “special event” and lets the media speculate wildly for weeks. Just look at the...