/amo's annual global corporate values study shows increased emphasis on innovation & on stakeholders

Shifts in corporate values reflect the changing times. The latest edition of the /amo global corporate values review has turned up some interesting insights into how large, listed companies worldwide seek to project themselves. According to the latest crop of values listed in the annual reports of 455 companies in 19 countries, many companies have an increased sense of the importance of innovation, their employees are more important to them than ever, and the environment is a top cause of concern.

The “Values Most Valued” report found that “innovation” is now the most frequently cited individual corporate value globally, moving ahead of the catch-all term of “integrity” that topped the chart last year. At the same time, there has been a marked increase in most countries towards “outward looking” values, notably those related to employees, customers and communities, away from more inward-looking values such as “courage” or “authenticity”.